Run Satorical Run

As some of you might already know, our boy Satorical is running in the New York Marathon today. All told that means 26 miles through the streets of the city, all ending up with the big finish in Central Park.

This is no easy feat to accomplish, and it's doubly special seeing as this is his first attempt at it ever. So if you get a moment - make sure to leave well wishes and congrats for the man who started this site all those eons ago.
Great Job, Bro!!
Gents, a little travelling music if you please!


The Kaiser said...

Remember to let everyone know that the Persians got their asses kicked at the end of the race.

Leave out the dropping dead bit at the end though.

Satorical said...

Thanks so much, Hex. What a fantastic day. 4:50, and I'm plenty happy with it. How can you not love little kids putting out their hands for high-fives all along the course?! Truly fantastic.

Favorite sign: as soon as we crossed the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn, A guy held up a cardboard sign that said FINISHING IS THE ONLY FUCKING OPTION!

I love this city. Thanks to all who listened to me babble on about running this year.

lola said...

Hex, you have the weirdest taste in music. Alas, still a perfect selection for the post.

Congrats to you, Satorical!! Some of my pals are runners. I hold you who can run without the added motivation of dogs chasing you in high esteem.

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