The John Hughes Jukebox

Here's a nice bit of retro cool, a webpage featuring scads of free downloadable music from every movie John Hughes ever made. You won't find every song from every soundtrack, but there are loads of hard to find and out-of-print titles to choose from.

The coolest aspect of the whole thing for me is the fact that many of these tunes were used as background music for incidental moments in the films (chase scenes, visual montages, driving sequences), and as such never found a place on the original soundtrack albums.

Whatever the case, there's plenty of source material here to create fun little playlists with -- all without having to endure Molly Ringwald's incessant whining about how unbearable her life is.
And only a neo maxi zum dweebie
would pass up a chance like that.

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Satorical said...

No Sigue Sigue Sputnik for Ferris Bueller's Day Off? For Shame!

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