You, too, can be the Firestarter, Twisted Firestarter

Ever since I heard Fatboy Slim boast that he made his records for the cost of coffee and cigarettes he consumed while recording them, I've had a festering desire to leave it all behind and record electronic pop music. Certainly my wit will shine through my selection of old school samples, intermittent movie quotes, and uhm, block-rocking beats.

Ironically, the digital age has robbed the electronic music scene of some of its verve, as actual pieces of noise making equipment have been replaced by computer-based representations of these things. From Rebirth to GarageBand... electronic music has become the audio equivalent of really good finger painting (not exactly what I intended with the link but too good to pass up). Still, I've been reticent to rave, as it were, wondering if there wasn't a better, EASIER way to gift the musical world with my electronic interpretations.

Perhaps, though, the genre need suffer without my unique brand of drum n bass no longer.

All joking aside, the guys at Hobnox have done an amazing job at creating web-based versions of some essential electronic devices that you can use to get your Brian Eno on.

I played around with this for entirely too long given that someone is currently paying for the use of my time, and I gotta tell you, those dreams of being the third Dust Brother (there are only two now, right?) started to creep back up.

Then I saw this rack of old computer garbage, and knew I was totally outmatched.

Touchè, Internets.


Satorical said...

zomg. You bastard. I can't know about this until after the marathon. I will never leave the house.

No, really.

The Kaiser said...

Okay, since no one else seems willing to take the cheap shot, I will:
Easy come, easy go my friend.

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