Touchy Feely

Some dudes at Carnegie Mellon have devised a way to make dynamic buttons - like actual, physical buttons - in a touch screen interface. And they've done it without crazy expensive space-age polymers, which has been the best thing smart guys have thunk up thus far.

"But I can use my super sleek, totally flat iPhone just fine," says you, as you wonder if this news story is maybe worthy of moderate recommendation, but not HIGHLY recommended status. And you're right - but touch-screens with no tactile indicators take your total visual concentration. But people want touch screens all over the place - in cars, dark rooms while they watch movies, and places where they do really intricate surgery on baby polar bears - so they need to be able to feel a button without having to take their eye of the road/film/baby polar bear spinal cord. Try THAT with your iPhone, smarty-pants.

I found this over at Slashdot, and the first couple of comments are worth recommendation themselves:

Locke2005: Publishing the braille edition of Playboy suddenly makes a lot more sense!

Reason58: They already have interactive porn. The problem is you constantly have to buy it dinner and feign interest while it talks about its day.

:::rimshot::: - thanks folks, the Internet will be here all week.

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