Commenter Justice

An unrepentant ID thief was just sentenced to 13 years, which is the longest jail term ever for that crime. The guy was not only convicted more than a dozen times, but wrote gleeful shitty raps about the thug ID theft life, like this gem:

You know how we do it we make our money and run. If we ruiend (sic) your life just know we had fun.

Commenters on the story have started penning their own raps about this guy's future:

(flashin' west coast hand sign)

My name is Stephen,
pro-nounced Steeeeeeee-Vehn,
I gots thirteen years cause the law got even.

I can't believe I got caught
Cause I Prolly shoulda been shot
Now I'll be spoonin' on a jail cell cot.

yeah, yeah, yeah

(flashin' west coast hand sign and doing the body wave)

Add your own here.

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