Voodoo Doughnut

I had been saving up finds from my new hometown of Portland, OR to produce an all-in-one post a la San Francisco. However, I'm sort of getting a life (who knew?), and I'm not seeing a disposable hour coming up any time soon.

What's important is that you ask me what kind of car my parents got me. What's important is that any town worth its salt needs a fine, fine doughnut-making establishment.

So I'm leading off the Stumptown recommendations with Voodoo Doughnut, which combines the wonders of a nearly all-hours donut joint with a Mexican Day of the Dead/stoner aesthetic.

And yes, the doughnuts are amazing. I had one with chocolate and fresh coconut. I didn't have the maple doughnut with a strip of bacon on it, but please, don't let that stop you.

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Dorian said...

A friend brought voodoo doughnuts back on a plane to LA... they don't travel well and I wasn't too impressed. I have a feeling they'd be much better fresh. Also, there's a place in LA that makes maple bacon doughnuts and they rock. But then again, I've eaten and loved a peanut butter bacon cheeseburger...

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