Kasabian gets better than they deserve- west ryder etc.

If I told you that Dan the Automator (Dr. Octagon, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Lovage, Gorillaz) were producing a Leicester band (Kasabian) who sounds a bit Mad-chester would you listen?

What if the video had Noel Feilding (Mighty Boosh) and was directed by Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd)?

What if all my pop media suggestions came together? Well it wouldn't be quite as good as I had imagined it, but it was still pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Kasabians third album is, from what I´ve heard the best thing to happend this year by faaaar!
"Underdog"(free promo mp3) would be a single for every other band to date- for Kasabian it´s just the opener.
The single "Fire" is catchy as fook. dance beat and hymnical hookline. fantastic. "Fast Fuse" is real, raucous RocknRoll in 2009!
"Thick as Thieves" is Kinks n Small Faces at their best.
"Vlad" destroys your brain. Bass, drums n lyrics are amazing. Dan the automator did a great job! KASABIAN 2009! Be there then!

Satorical said...

I think I saw Torgo toward the end of that.

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