The Friday Smile: Extreme(ly painful) Sports Edition

Hey again gang, it's Friday again -- time to shake off those Bobby Brooks and do what you please.
Especially if what you please involves checking out the week that was here at HRTotM!
But instead of flipping a coin to start regulation time with a kickoff and some tackling, lets shake things up a little bit and shred like those kids who are all jacked up on Mountain Dew and self-importance.

How about crankin' a bitchin' snowboard body shot off Mrs. Garrett? --Not your thing? Well how about sky surfing with NASA's finest, um.. Right Stuff.
Not into that either, eh? Hmmmm..
Fine, tell you what -- send me an email and let me know what your tastes are. But be specific, don't fake the funk on this assignment, less you end up cursed with some kind of antique sporting event that makes you feel like you're stuck back in the days of black and white film.

Take a risk, get in a little trouble -- get rid of that bat and ball, strap on some skates and then sprint all the way to the finish line so you can taste all the glory for yourself.
Just as long as you don't do this, you should be ok:

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