Bore Worms for Sale

While looking for information to help me drive home a point about a recent story I was working on, I came across this handy-dandy advertisement.

To be honest, as many times as I've watched Flash Gordon I'd never really thought about how much a Bore Worm might cost. I guess I just assumed they were homegrown in a fishbowl like those earworm things from The Wrath of Khan.

Still, even if $199 per worm is a good deal -- if you're in the business of getting confessions your primary concern should be quality. Which is why the folks over at boreworms.com have been gracious enough provide this list of features that you might find helpful in making your bore worm purchase decision:
  • Really hurts
  • No unsightly scarring
  • Single Bore Worm for as little as $199
  • Ten Bore Worms $999
  • Rental terms available
  • The celebrity endorsement from Klytus is a nice touch too.

    1 comment:

    The Kaiser said...

    The ones from "Wrath of Khan" are actually just meal worms. My wife orders something like 1,000 of them for $15 to feed to her sugar gliders.

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