The Friday Smile: Slackin Edition

You can always tell when things get busy in our lives by the amount of posts that show up in a given week here at HRToTM. Family, Jobs, Ungodly hot weather everywhere you turn, the reasons are all around, and sometimes it just gets to be too much.

But that still doesn't mean there's nothing at all to look at. So check out the week that was:
  • First off, we featured two flash games based off the lesser known Snow White dwarfs Slappy and Poopy
  • Staying in the enchanted forest, we got baked with the Muff Mob
  • Here's the worst timed post of all time -- a new blanket (which is just what everyone needs in a heat wave)
  • Followed by instructions for floating, courtesy of the Monster
  • We mourned the passing of a supermarket favorite
  • Gave the dog a bone
  • And then found out about something that would have made a perfect article for that magazine -- the Ivy-league posture photo scandal.
  • Hopefully next week we'll get back on track, but until then -- thanks for continuing to check in and see what we have to offer.

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