At a time when so much pop culture art -especially genre art-is made on a computer, it's refreshing to see some large-scale sci-fi sculpture. The artist is Greg Brotherton, and the pieces range in scale from miniature to nine feet tall.

The works are made with hammered steel, a medium requiring time and a good pair of earplugs to work with. As an extra bonus, several of his sculptures incorporate found objects, with classic The Future Will Be Great designs like old Hamilton mixers and Electrolux cannister vacuum cleaners.

The piece de resistance are the bases, which either give shadows or iconic gear underpinnings to the sculptures, as a last measure of detailed care for these obvious labors of love.

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Monster said...

Totally agreed re: sci-fi themes in traditional mediums. This stuff is really amazing... I think there might a lot of opportunity there... futuristic themes with ancient tools.

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