How Bored are You at Work?

Because I guarantee you, these people have got you beat.

What you'll find when you click the link is a collection of fine artwork made from office supplies.

You know that day you took your red sharpies and made the ultimate coffee cup with your name on it?

Yeah. Nice try, poser.

There's a guy here who built a city out of staples. Not just some cityscape, but like a whole hemisphere of stapleopolis.

I have a question -- Where the hell was this guy's boss?

I dare bring a cup of coffee to my desk and the gestapo kicks down the door and hauls me off. This guy steals every staple in the building and no one says a damn thing? Not even the courier from office max with some sort of sarcastic joke?

I call Shenanigans.

Still, some of this stuff is really cool. I hope you didn't need those colored pencils or anything - because Jennifer Maestre used them all to make this while she was surely ignoring your request to approve all those purchase orders you needed done like yesterday.

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