You know who would make a bangin' party hostess and bring in all the kids?

The idea of the paid party host or hostess is weird. The apotheosis of the concept is Paris Hilton. The idea is that celebrity-worshipping clubbers will be more likely to pay ridiculous cover charges and drink prices if they can say they "partied with Paris Hilton" or her ilk.

Not all clubs can afford to pay upwards of $100,000 for a b-list starlet, however. So some party proprietors hire lesser known dance-floor luminaries under the guise of theme nights. So you go from Paris Hilton to Mr. Belding. According to his page:

"Bring Dennis to host any of a number of theme nights from Spring Break with Mr. Belding and Summer School with Mr. Belding, to Back to School with, Honor Roll with, Naughtiest Schoolgirl contest, He has hosted Halloween for The Hard Rock in Vegas to overflow crowds and more. You get the idea."

Yeah, we get the idea.

But the concept is still racing to bottom. LAX nightclub (which, like New York New York and the Sphinx, is actually in Las Vegas), has a "Way-Back Wednesday" theme night with past Star magazine fodder like Shannen Doherty. Someone at LAX must have started free associating about anyone who had 15 minutes of fame in the early 90s--preferably those who had scrapes with the law--because they struck party hostess gold. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tonya Harding.

What's great about that promo is that although it doesn't mention her hot mess of a life, there is more space devoted to Freudian analysis than to her actual positive ice skating achievements.

Party on!

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