Because You Must Live it All the Time Episode 2

Remember sweding -- the idea of remaking popular movie scenes, DIY style?

It's been around for a while but caught a bit of buzz (and an official name) around the time that Michael Gondry built a movie called Be Kind, Rewind around it.

Now take that idea and apply it to this site called "Star Wars: Uncut" -- wherein they take a pretty cool concept, namely breaking the entire original Star Wars film into 15-second clips that people could "claim," remake -- and then submit back to the site, at which point sort of a patchwork Frankenstein version would emerge, surely to be filled with all the love that only the fans of this franchise can offer.

Because if there's one thing you can always count on, it's that Star Wars fans will always come through with dignity and class.


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Satorical said...

Ah, I feel the mystery and suspense of the Jawas' first appearance all over again.

Another reason why the experiment will fail: continuity. Even if you wanted this to be the version of the Jawas to use, there's only this clip.

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