Trying Not To Get Starstruck

Nine years in NYC left me pretty jaded when it comes to celebrity sightings. At one point, I saw Jennifer Connelly so often I was convinced she was stalking me.

What? I'm stalkable.

I think the only time I truly lost my shit was when I saw Salman Rushdie at a party. I was already hammered and whatever came out of my mouth probably translated as "I am here at last to fulfill the fatwa."

Anyway, my cool will be put to the test tomorrow when I go see Cinematic Titanic live. The site says they sign pretty much anything with a hard surface, so I'll bring some signable schwag.

For those who can't make the show, the crew is doing a signing here in Portland on Saturday at 1pm at the Lombard Street Videorama.

I know we go on and on about Mystery Science Theater 3000 here, but when you make us laugh for 20 years, we cough up the love.


Photos of stuff I got signed, plus bad pics of Joel, Mary Jo, and Frank. The pics of Trace and J. Elvis did not turn out.


Monster said...

I'm afraid I require a Highly Recommended On Location post. Take notes and pictures. Scan whatever they sign.

When you bounce around the web looking for cool stuff like we do, it's only natural to go kinda fanboy for the stuff that retains its value over time. Nobody would go see the dramatic chipmunk live, yaknowhatI'msayin?

Monster said...

Whoo hoo! Highly Recommended On Location!

Start of great things to come (and great excuses to go places).

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