Enabling the Crazy

One thing that I miss about the apartment from which I just moved is the huge balcony. My cat is missing it too. I had her trained so she could walk around the 12'x15' space and enjoy the sun, without leaping over the ledge from four stories up into her new life with a kitty wheelchair.

The new joint has a 4'x5' veranda that's big enough to let you step out and get some air. There is no real ledge to speak of, except for a bit which extends onto the wall, outside the veranda area--three stories up, over a concrete sidewalk. Seeing my cat get up there twice (she can't resist) gave me a frickin' heart attack. So, she's banned from the veranda (which will be her first CD title).

I told Dorie over at Clicking about this, and like a good friend, she Googled "Outdoor Cat Cage."

Holy shit, what a bunch of expensive gear for insane people. Your cat is either an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. Maybe an outdoor cat with catdoor access to the house, but that's it. This indoor/outdoor cat Habitrail nonsense says two things:

1) You have too much free space in your backyard.
2) You're a loonball.

Added bonus weirdness: this pic is one awful Photoshop job. The cat in the center of the cage apparently can balance on a pinpoint. The one on the lower left has a ghost.

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Clicking Girl said...

i'm so glad to say i'm not a "cat person" (sorry, james... juliet is the only one i find tolerable). i did find other links as well on my quest to help (ok- in all honesty it was a quest to laugh and mock)- this seems like as good as any a place to post them. get some popcorn and enjoy the show!

onetwothreeand to the four

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