It happens, you know? Missed connections, crappy desk agents, whatever - luggage gets lost during airline travel. It's a big pain in the butt, but usually after a few phone calls and a couple of days in the same boxers you get your big black zipper case and once again have access to that sweet skull hoodie you grabbed on sale at Hot Topic.

Maybe it's due to severe absent-mindedness, confusion, laziness, shame... or perhaps it's sudden & severe brain injury... but for whatever reason, many people never claim the lost luggage. The airlines keep it for a while, and then auction it off for charity.

If you're lucky, the Salvation Army benefits from your inability to navigate the Delta lost luggage call center - but if you're less fortunate, the guys at isthisyourluggage.com have the winning bid.

sweet pink hippo pajamas

Yep - they open it, take everything out, and photograph it. There's not tons of content here yet, but already we get gems like souvenir rugs (I guess) packed with underwear, and one obviously non-regulation nurse's outfit.

I know what you're thinking - and it's only a matter of time.

(mad props to co-work Elizabeth's weekly "interesting news" email for the link)

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