Checking In/Navel-Blinking

Hi loyal reader.

If you're a first-time reader, you're included too.

This month marks our three-year anniversary. Woohoo!

Here's the deal: In May 2007 we had over 1300 unique visitors. This May we've had about 800. The main difference is that we posted less stuff.

Speaking for myself, I try not to post stuff you'll see everywhere else, or that comes from one of our Permanently Recommended sites (that's why we have them, over there to the right). It's best when the thing in question sparks an actual thought. Cool stuff is cool in and of itself, but there are a million (ok, a billion) "cool" sites on the Web, and I figure we should actually say why the thing/site in question caught our attention.

Above all, we must feel the thing/site/sentiment posted about is worthy of being Highly Recommended (for whatever reason). Somehow, on this site, that applies to cats belonging both to Schroedinger and the Land of LOL.

Minifesto over.

(Yes, I just made that up).

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