Are You Ready Kids?

Run for your lives, it's the Spongebob Squarepants rectal thermometer.
It plays the theme song from the show once it's ready to be read.

No word yet if there are plans for Dora to be a rectal explorer, or if kids are really ready to know what it's like to have an Iron Man in that particular area -- but aren't there some things that should remain, you know ..clinical?


Satorical said...

I almost posted this. I'm glad it's associated with your name and not mine.

Get it? Ass-ociated?

I kill me.

unMuse said...

I saw that in the Folio.. I was utterly surprised.

unMuse said...

i had to ask this since I don't have kids..

Wouldn't those digital ear thermometers work just as well without the intrusion?

The Kaiser said...

Whoooooooooo lives-in-pineapple-inside-your-butt?!

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