No Yankee Fans In Sight

Click for an incredibly nifty 360 degree view of Times Square.

Witty comment #1: "Now if someone would just run into me and tell me to 'get the #@*$#!! out of the way', I'd really be there."

Witty comment #2: "This must be the only spot in NYC from which there is visible only one Starbucks."

Choose your favorite quip and enjoy.


Hex said...

No matter how many of these things I see on the web, 360 pics are cool. Doubly so since this one is of somewhere I've actually been.

I need to get back to that town asap.

Satorical said...

Yes, yes you do.

Looks like that was taken on a slow night, actually. Also, nice to be able to look up. I would never normally do that, since that would mark me as a tourist/victim.

Thank God the Internet doesn't transmit smells. :)

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