The Hulk Out List

Here's a surprising gem -- a listing of EVERY reason that led David Banner to transform into the Hulk on the old TV show. Seriously, some of these are hilarious. I mean think about all the little things that piss you off that you have to LET GO OF just to get through an average day, like having hot coffee spilled on your hand (#23), getting a speeding ticket (#50), or having to deal with a rude phone operator because you don't have enough change to complete a call (#20) -- and you start to realize that sometimes Hulk has a really short fuse.

On the other hand, (as anyone who grew up watching the show can attest to) as the series started to get a little long in the tooth it seems like the writers started having trouble coming up with plausible excuses for the mild mannered David Banner to get angry enough to go Hulk -- leading them to just put the poor guy in some of the most ridiculous situations imaginable.

Poor bastard. No wonder he was so pissed off.

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