Inventive Sociopathy

Here's how to stop louts from holding subway train doors open: give the doors sharp edges.


Monster said...

So here's the problem with a site like this - I automatically try to click the link. Before I realized that this was just an original idea by the very creative (and now slightly uncomfortably creepy) Satorical, I was clicking the title to no avail... then it was clear what I was doing... what exactly did I expect to see by clicking on that link? A video or something? :::shudder::::

I doubt I'm alone in my auto-clicking... and that leads to all sorts of inventive net-sociopathy right there!

Hex said...

You're not alone Monster.

Fix the link. Step to the back. No pushing.

The Kaiser said...

I think it's also an interesting comment on how even online, where we're all potential creators, we are trained to assume that content comes from some non-specific elsewhere, made by someone we don't know.

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