I'm not sure what the HTTotM faithful use to view the Highly Recommended RSS feed - and it's possible we'll start a comment thread where everyone blasts my suggestion for their vastly superior version (which would actually be a lot of fun). Nevertheless, might I point your attention toward Netvibes, a nifty online dashboard that aggregates all your web goodies into a single launch point.

I find myself migrating more and more toward in-browser applications instead of stuff actually installed and launched from my machine. There are several of these out there, but Netvibes seems the most elegantly simple of the bunch. If you're like me, and you're a geek who spends a lot of time in marginally relevant meetings, you can organize the fast amount of stuff you use to distract you from your day-to-day life with several tabs... or you can just load everything up on one page and crawl through it.

It's free, there aren't any direct ads (yet), and it's really intuitive, sign up and try it out. Might I also recommend your first addition?


Hex said...

Looks pretty cool, actually.

Monster said...

wow, that's an extremely boring image. Like, what was I thinking?

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