The Truth is Out There. Meh.


Photos of the first day of shooting of X-Files 2!

The movie junkie net was beside its collective virtual self earlier this week at the speculated release of stills from on-set... and yesterday, they were finally brought to light.

And they're BORING.

Seriously, Duchovny looks like he might be thinking about a nap.

And yes, you're reading the landing site correctly - besides Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the FBI is bolstered by Amanda Peet and Xhibit.

And you thought a John Singleton-helmed A Team was a bad idea.


The Kaiser said...

Here's something sad from the comments:
"...wonder what's in the red box? Hmm..."

How desperate do you have to be for some excitement and mystery to try and get worked about a box full of extension cords and gaffer's tape?

unMuse said...

yeah.. but DD is still as sexy as he was in Twin Peaks. If I cared about xflies, maybe I'd be more excited. I'm just gonna wait and see if there's another season of Californication in the works.

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