The Cats in the Cradle

if it were up to my 7-year old boy, this webpage would have only one post -- the screaming beans. The utter purity of the giggling that comes from his mouth when he crushes the running legume in the middle is a wonder to behold. I'm sure one day he might be able to appreciate some of the other things on the site -- but so far, that's the top.

Or at least it was, until I came across this.

Like most ymtnd pages, the joke wears out pretty fast -- and if you're not a star wars nut there's a chance this one won't even get to you in the first place. But if the laughter and spontaneous re-creations he's been doing for the past two days are any indication, this one's a winner.

ps - to those who wonder if we're ever gonna stop featuring lame Star Wars humor on this site, I offer this brief reply.

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