The Christmas Tree Ornament Wizard™

Which do you prefer -- a Christmas tree that is a study in artistic design, covered in what seems a perfect balance of symmetry and color, or the wondrous multi-colored chaos that happens when you have a box of mis-matched ornaments with no rhyme or reason, and the sum total of years worth of stockpiling strings of Christmas lights that sorta work if you jiggle the bulbs when you plug them in?

If you're a fan of the first variety, here's something you might be interested in: A widget that takes into account the dimensions of your Christmas tree and then calculates the recommended number of ornaments that should be placed on it.

Seeing as there is no variable here for the number of cats or small children living in the same house as said tree, I can't see how this math could possibly be valid -- but it's here if you need it.


Satorical said...

As seen in An Anal-Retentive Christmas!

Monster said...

Wow. The best part is that this is provided, in complete sincerity, as a valuable and desired service.

I'm flummoxed.

The Kaiser said...

If you don't have the dedication to work the statistical distribution formulas yourself and draft your tree-plan by hand you don't deserve to have an anal-retentive tree.

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

You mean launching ornaments and tinsel at my tree with a mini-trebouchet is the wrong way to go?

BTW, the calculation yielded 160 for mine wich falls short of the actual 300 zillion my wife likes to put on. Not including my hallmark Star Trek ornaments.

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