The Holiday-O-Matic

Coming up with original holiday greetings is hard work, so why not let this little doodad do all the work for you? All you've got to do is pull the crank, and the machine spins and whirs until you get a completely original 3-part Holiday Greeting. And while many of these greetings include references to oil changes, Swedish meatballs, and karaoke -- you can betcha that none of your prospective friend's other well wishers out there will ever duplicate the wish you create and send to them.

OK, whatever. Long story short -- Every time you make one of these and send it the creators of the site makes a donation to a charity called Rotary First Harvest -- who help collect and distribute fresh produce to the less fortunate.

The quips that this thing spits out once the wheels stop turning remind me of all those old heckler insults that Johnny Carson used to fire off on the Tonight show, but it's still a nice little distraction on a Wednesday afternoon, right?

Enjoy -- and May Your Family Gathering be Fragrant and filled with Rainbows.

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