A Truly Cool Idea (If you can afford it)

There's no denying that the marriage between technology and music has been one of the most mutually beneficial pairings that's happened in art in modern times. From the development of the synthesizer and drum machines giving birth to new genres of music to improvements made in sound processing and recording helping improve the quality of almost every recorded form -- the benefits are obvious.

But one thing that's remained fairly untouched is the design of many instruments themselves. Despite all the innovations, violins are for the most part violins, acoustic drums are still acoustic drums, and guitars are still guitars.

But now the custom shop at Gibson Guitars has made a big step, coming out with a line of guitars embedded with on-board electronics that are able to check the tuning of the instrument, and if they find something wrong -- will automatically tune the instrument for you..

Of course the catch here is that technology like this doesn't come cheap, but how about Gibson going ahead and loading this option onto their most expensive models only.

Seriously, I feel like Gibson is saying "Hey, Dan -- still can't afford a Les Paul? Then I guess you won't mind if we add another grand onto the price tag, eh?"

Still, very cool idea put into real-world use.
I'm sure Jimmy Page will get a lot of mileage out of it.

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