Lufthansa's Virtual Pilot

It's not like going into this point and click "land the plane in the right place" game feeling like I was going to win easily, because when it comes to Western European geography I'm certainly not an expert.
That being said, I did even worse than I ever thought I would.
Maybe it was a matter of personal pride (or embarrassment over the fact that I clearly didn't know things I thought I did), but the reason I'm recommending this is that despite the difficulty factor I found myself taking multiple stabs at it trying to do better.
If there's actually such a thing as "pleasantly addictive," this is it.
Once I finally ran out of gas with the thing it was easy to put down, but if you've got a couple extra minutes to kill and would like to take on a short-term mental challenge, this might just be for you.


Monster said...

20k + points. I was actually able to locate Porto and Copenhagen with only the landmass visible. I'm impressed with myself.

Satorical said...

19930. Faro, Portugal?!

I should have my lifetime National Geographic membership revoked.

Satorical said...

25833 the second time. Whee!

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