The Tetran

Frequently when I watch anime I get the distinct sensation that my life is somehow incomplete because I am unable to spontaneously produce metaphoric droplets of water on my forehead whenever I feel exasperated.

In fact, it seems downright unfair to me that only pixie-voiced, giant-eyed schoolchildren get the opportunity to mingle with the undead, fight aliens, and have sex with tentacle plants.

Not that The Tetran solves any of these problems, mind you -- but there's something positively Miyazaki-an about the prospect having a small, spiny, neon-colored orb hanging somewhere on your body waiting for a chance to fulfill it's life's wish of wrapping itself up in the cord for your iPod earbuds.
My advice is to get yours now before Gwen Stefani
buys them all up and starts writing songs about them.

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