Find the Bands

The images within this picture represent the names of 74 different bands, ranging from classics like The Rolling Stones to more recent fare like the Scissor Sisters (yes, those are both hints).

From what I can tell the original Virgin Records contest has come and gone, but the challenge still exists for music nerds and bored workers everywhere to test their mettle against what might be one of the most fun marketing ideas to come across the pond in recent memory.

Feel free to post your answers in the comments section, but hurry -- I'm already about halfway through it myself!

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Hawkmistress said...

I am not well endowed with my music muscle.

I mean, I can get the obvious: Smashing Pumpkins
Alice in Chains
Rolling Stones
Scissor Sisters (freebies welcome)
Iron Maiden
is that a Led Zeppelin?
those are crows, but are they counting?
And those are surfers, but they don't particularly look like buttholes...
Matchbox 20
Blind Melon
Now, that could be The Talking Heads, but I might be reaching...
U2 (I can't believe I didn't see that one immediately)
Oh. Those are B52s.
Guns & Roses (easier to see when zoomed)
Could that mailman be mailing Letters to Cleo?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Those Twisted girls might be Sisters

Okay, I'm quitting. I'll let people who don't have to go looking at lists of bands on lyrics.com for names actually find some. :)

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