The Baby Toupee

Buyer beware -- These are not toupees. They are wigs.

See, a wig gives you a hairstyle you wouldn't normally have. Toupees on the other hand are a device used to conceal pattern baldness. Of course, once an infant starts to get insecure about their declining youth and looks they're libel to spend any amount of money on all sorts of snake oil type cures.
It's a shame, really.
So until this company wises up and starts making products like "The Burt Reynolds" or "The Shatner", you're probably better off sticking with that spray-on hair that's been um.. working so well for you lately (no really, you can hardly tell).

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Satorical said...

Also, the domain badtoupee.com is still available. Someone needs to jump on that.

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