Can You Tell Arial from Helvetica?

Lets say you're in need of some eye strain. Perhaps you've not had a good headache in a while. What can you do to remedy this situation? How 'bout taking this quiz -- which gives you 20 images of popular corporate logos that were originally designed using the beloved Helvetica font, recreates them in hated Arial, and then asks the mother of all questions:

Which one is which?

I'm sure there are losers people out there who can do this sight unseen, but I can tell you this -- I am not one of them.

Truth be told, I was sort of hoping for the Arial logos to be wearing an eye patch or rocking one of those "evil twin" goatees.

As a result -- after spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out some sort of method to tell them apart, I just started blind clicking.

I scored 15 out of 20.

How? Because I'm friggin' awesome, that's how.

Now if you'll excuse me -- I'm off to go rob a bank. I don't know the combinations to any vaults or safes, but I figure if I was able to fake my way through this, I've got a decent shot of lucking into one.


unMuse said...

I'm one of those loser-people that can. Sorry. 20/20

My job depends on it, though.

Hex said...

Well help the rest of us out -- what's the difference?

unMuse said...

The differences are spacing, shapes and thickness of letters.

If you look at the difference between G, a and c, you can see a good bit of difference. There's also differences in how round letters are and how far the "tails" on letters continue and if there's a flat edge or angle.

They are minor to someone who hasn't spent years looking at typography.

Satorical said...

I got smoked. 9/20.

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