The best title for this post entry would ruin the joke.

Rock vs. LARP. Hit it.


Hex said...

That was AWESOME.

Werdna said...

1) the band sounds great, and the singer fits perfectly. I couldn't believe that voice came out of that dude.

2) it reminds me of the "I am the beer" king incident- when the guy held the keg over his head on the second story balcony and went ass over beer barrel and the railing to the ground below.

3) Also reminds me of punk rock Jeff's band in Jax that bought their amps via the recycling money from beer cans and bottles from parties at their trailer. You could Byob, but you could not take your empties. They were not a good band though.

4) love the boot and rally... the beer kick back was impressive.

Werdna said...

Also recommended if you want a piece of old Einstein's:


The mudhoney touch me I'm sick video.

I wonder if Mark Arm is still playing.

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