Will Krakatoa Rock the World Again?

The article is interesting, but the photos are nothing short of amazing.

Honestly, over a recent staycation I saw a few movies in the theater, accompanied by what had to be a few dozen total trailers. As a result -- I saw enough computer-generated tidal waves, explosions, quiddich matches, and talking secret-agent guinea pigs to make me believe that if there's at least one thing the big Hollywood studios do well these days (versus the things they can't -- like produce interesting or original scripts), it's imitate nature.

But then you see pics like this, and you realize that no imitation can be as good as the real thing.

I had to crop down the images to fit the page, so they aren't quite as cool as the full-size versions that come with the article. Check em out -- definitely worth it.

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The Kaiser said...

I want to go throw a ring in that motherfucker.

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