Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser

Jeff Buckley has some beautiful songs and a great cover of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. But what I was unaware of is he had a relationship with Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins (click on that Cocteau Twins link- between that beat and the melismatic vocal stylings, it is almost as good an aphrodisiac as Barry White).

And they collaborated on a song together, a demo that was eventually leaked:

Which I found fascinating...


Hex said...

I loved this demo the first time I heard it, but like so many of the demo versions of Jeff's stuff out there, even as cool as this is -- there's (imho) just something about the depth that's added when you bring in drums, percussion, and bass.

The posthumous collection of Buckley demos they put out is a nice tribute to the man and his craft, but in a lot of ways it's also a testament to the reason they call these things demo versions -- because in so many places they're still in need of that extra "something" to pull it all together.

I love the groove of this though. Their voices really work well together.

Werdna said...

Thanks for listening and posting!

I just hope one of my demos is 1/2 as good as that one.

Satorical said...

I like it. I agree with Hex; it feels like a lovers' project, and a producer would have done a lot to flesh this out and give it more structure.

As for Persephone, I think I asked you to rewind/replay that two or three times the first time I heard it. Fantastic song.

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