Keeping Warm and Trendy

It was 13 degrees here in NYC this morning. With wind chill, it was zero degrees.

So I slit this guy open and stayed in his stomach 'til the temperatures rose. And I thought he smelled bad on the outside.

From the product reviews for the dead thing on the dude's head:

"For my 41st birthday, which was, as it always is, late November, my mother got me one of these hats. I immediately put it on and went up into the mountains to try it out. It happened to be a very cold, windy day and the hat not only kept my face and ears and neck very, very warm, but also my hands, which I had to stick under the part that hangs down because in my excitement to try out the hat, I forgot my gloves! After I returned from my hike, elated, I went to a gun shop to have my rifle re-bored and a cute woman remarked upon my hat and how much she liked it. We struck up a conversation -- much of which centered around whether the e in coyote is silent, which I think it is -- and discovered that we had a lot in common, especially our love for the TV show, "Cops." We have gone out on dates several times and we are pretty serious about each other. So not only does the hat keep my body -- especially my face and ears and neck -- warm, but it may keep my heart warm for many a year if I marry my sweet Edna."


unMuse said...

wth.. it looks like he's about to shoot himself in the face. Not altogether a wrong reaction. Just not the one I expected.

Hex said...

Why is he so fat from the front, and so svelte from the back -- and how can I sign up for that?

Without the, you know.. shooting myself part?

Satorical said...

Different guy. Front model has on checkered shirt; back model has solid shirt.

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