Angry Christian Bale Is Angry... REMIX

So, the director of photography for the new Terminator movie walked through the area where Christian Bale was trying to film an emotional scene - twice. Christian kinda loses his mind a little (NSFW) - and is pretty well trashed in the press, because you can't do this kinda thing after being arrested for slapping your own mother and expect anybody to be on your side. Despite that, I think Hex and I are both on the record for being on American Phycho's side in this (but neither of us, to my knowledge, have ever thrown down with our respective mothers. Or each other's mother, for that matter). Call this however you want, but I just like this guy a little more every time I hear about him. He's like that crazy-ass Russell Crowe we once new, before he went all Ron Howard on us.

Fear not, you're not reading a guest post from TMZ. There is something highly recommendable in all this, and it's this dance remix, titled "Bale-Out".

(ahem... dance remixes of NSFW things are almost always, also, NSFW)


Satorical said...

Twice? None of the (wall-to-wall, unavoidable) press I read mentioned that. I would have been pissed too.

Hex said...

The thing I read said it was more than 2 times. Guy's a friggin' DP -- he *knows* better.

I also get a chuckle out of this:


unMuse said...

i dunno. it may be just me, but the sound of Bale reaming the guy is really hot...

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