Let's face it, it's tough out there. You stay in shape, you dress right, you drag your mutilated legs to all the hip and happening places in town -- and yet at the end of the night you're sitting in front of a TV picking at a hungry-man brain on a plate dinner wondering why you're still alone.
Just because you're undead doesn't mean you should miss out on living, right?
Fortunately, that's where ZombieHarmony.com comes in. The first and only Internet dating site for Zombies, it offers users the chance to check the 3-4 most important compatibility factors that lead to everlasting undead bliss.

Create a profile, browse user photos, send messages -- and 28 days later we promise you'll never have to face another dawn of the dead by yourself ever again.
ps -- If I had been in on the meetings for this, I would have fought tooth and nail for the site to be called Z-Harmony, but that's just me harping once again at the fact that every marketing campaign in the world doesn't come to me for advice (they should, and one day they will).

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