Michael Bay's Rejected "Dark Knight" Script

Is this how lazy I've become? I love this idea, and actually cracked up out loud when I started reading this, but then it becomes clear that I'm gonna actually have to scroll, scroll, scroll, down what appears to be acres of pages to get the whole effect -- and I actually consider clicking away to something else?

I mean, come on -- I read actual books, and I can't be bothered to flick my finger more than 10 times just to get the rest of a joke? What the heck is up with that!?

At the same time, this is 2008 -- how about mixing in some navigational buttons, maybe a scroll bar -- at least have something bros. Because this is definitely worth seeing, but when it comes to web attention spans, there's a chance a lot of people might miss it.

All that aside, this one's genius.

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Monster said...

Okay, I like it, but which one of the internets to we hack?

All of them.


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