Do You Know What Today Is?

Corporate April Fools jokes are the new black.
A few highlights so far:
* Gmail has introduced a new feature called Gmail custom time that lets you send emails dated whenever you want (ranging all the way back to April 1st, 2004)
* Pizza hut officially changed it's name to Pasta Hut, and spammed it's customers with promotional emails offering special deals on their new "delivery ready" noodle dishes.
* Gawker's decidedly feminist (and truly entertaining) website Jezebel announced that it was being purchased by publishing giant Conde Nast and immediately began posting stories about "must-have fashion accessories."
* O Hell Nawl was overtaken by White People.
* GameSpot began promoting a new version of Rock Band for made exclusively for the PSP
* eMarketer.com announced that the latest trend among teens had to do with forsaking gadgets, video games, and text messaging each other in favor of hanging out with their parents.
* Several bloggers announced the ending/closing/retiring of their blogs, much to the dismay of their commenting readers.
There are tons more examples out there -- which ones have you seen?


The Kaiser said...

Google also had a new calendar feature that alleges to text you, activate a bucket that fills automatically from you water mains to douse you, and ultimately a bed-flipping device to wake you up as scheduled. Google's third joke was "Virgle", a joint venture of Virgin Galactic and Google to colonize Mars.

unMuse said...

funny.. I got the pizza hut thing in the email and didn't think twice about it other than "ew.. massive chain delivery pasta."

Monster said...

infoWeek posted a very real-sounding story that Microsoft and Yahoo had come to terms on a bid price. The only thing in it that tipped it off was the promise of Xbox 360's and Zunes to Yahoo employees who didn't quit immediately.

Hex said...

Just heard about this one today -- apparently Alex Trebek was sporting a mustache during the first part of the April 1st episode of Jeapordy, only to have it "vanish" later in the ep.

Details and video here.

This is extra cool because it must have been filmed months back and "held on to" until the day came along.

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