The SNL Sh*t List

These days you either love Saturday Night Live or you don't. There's really not much middle ground left. Either it's the most revolutionary show on TV or it's the most worthless hour of re-hashed crap you can find on the dial. At the same time, it's hard to deny it's impressive history, the number of comedy superstars that have launched their careers there, or the impression it's style of humor has made on the viewing public.

However today I came across an interesting little tidbit -- a listing of guest hosts and performers who have been banned from ever appearing on the show again. Some of the names (and many of the reasons for them being on this blacklist) might surprise you.
Or, if you're like me -- it will make you love John Belushi even more than you already did.


unMuse said...

I'm surprised there wasn't more. That seemed like a very short list.

Satorical said...

Belushi's relationship with Fear makes for some interesting passages in Wired, his biography by Bob Woodward.

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