The 10 Most Bitter Female Rock Songs

With the writer's strike effectively sweeping the leg of that other guy who does Top Ten Lists on a regular basis -- it seems the remaining undisputed champion of the list game are the gang over at Cracked.com, who churn these things out with frightening regularity.

This time around it's The Top 10 Bitter Songs by Female Singers, a listing of 10 tunes by gals who at first were afraid (they were petrified), kept thinking they could never live without you by their side -- but then spent so many nights thinking how you did them wrong, and they grew strong, they learned how to get along.
Oddly enough, Gloria Gaynor's "I Will
Survive" does not appear on the list.
Take ten seconds to think about the subject of this list and you'll have already guessed what #1 is, but in usual Cracked.com style it's not the results that make it worth reading -- it's the snarky comments along the way.

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