The Movie Timeline

Here's an interesting one: A detailed timeline of events related to Hollywood movies -- but perhaps more interestingly, this timeline also includes events that happen within the storylines of the films as well.

In other words, the first entry on page one is:
65,000,000 BC: A mosquito becomes irrevocably trapped in tree resin. (Jurassic Park)
And the last entry on page 52 is:
865,427,810 AD: Alexander Hartdegen briefly arrives in London from the year 802,701. (The Time Machine)
btw, you read that right -- 52 pages.

Sort of a time-waster, but certainly an impressive labor of love -- the site also offers you a chance to search by page, year, or keyword. In other words, you could search for your (or anyone's) birthday and see what events (real or fictional) match up to them.

At the same time, the movie nerd in me got a real kick out of seeing how things from various movies match up (or don't) when put side by side like this -- For example, when you dial up the year 1969, this is a partial listing of events that appear (possible spoiler alerts?):
  • Fighter pilot T. J. Kong destroys entire world in vast nuclear annihilation. (Laputa, Russia - Dr. Strangelove)
  • A chemical spill at the VA hospital brings corpses to life. (nr Pittsburgh - The Return of the Living Dead)
  • Richard M. Nixon inaugurated as 37th President of the United States. (Washington, DC - Nixon)
  • Maybe not for everyone -- but certainly fascinating if you've got the time or interest to poke around a bit.

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