There comes a point somewhere after all the snowball fights and Christmas carols and iceskating on the tops of frozen lakes where the only thought that seems to stay in your head anymore is just how much winter sucks. If it isn't a storm screwing up your flight plans, it's piles and piles of snow all over the sidewalk slowing you down as you try to get where you're going. Shoveling is a hassle, and even when you do the next time it snows you're right back where you started from.

If only there was a way this could be taken care of automatically, you know?

Enter Yuki-Taro, a GPS-enabled autonomous snowplow that gathers up sidewalk snow and converts it into small, manageable ice blocks that it deposits behind itself as it goes.

That's right kiddies -- it eats snow and poops ice.
If that's not enough for you, it's insufferably cute (some of them are even painted up to look like Pokemon). The way I figure things, as soon as this learns to fight demons and solve mysteries it will get its own three-picture development deal with Miramax.
Yuki-Taro. We knew it before it was cool.

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