Earl Greyhound

To be honest, I don't really want to recommend this band to you.

I want to keep them all for myself, become deeply ingrained with all of their early work, develop a myspace relationship with the bass player, see them play in tiny clubs, and buy up all their t-shirts so that when they blow up and become the next huge thing I'll be able to lord it all over you for jumping on the train so late.
But some things are just too good not to share.
If you like your Zeppelins Leaded, you must stop whatever you're doing and see what happens when musicians utilize an influence as a starting point and then turn it into something new, exciting, and real.


Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

Holy Fucking Balls! Yes. Yes. Yesssssssssssssss...........Thanks for the shot of faith. If you look for it, rock and roll is alive and well.

Gardener of Silicon Rust said...

Rocking! I wonder what happens if you have a rock out duel betweeen Earl Greyhound and Mars Volta?

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