Zombie Redenbacher

I'm not sure what's creepier -- the fact that without warning a man who's been dead for more than a decade showed up on my television the other night hawking popcorn as if nothing bad had ever happened to him, or the surprising revelation that the commercial itself was actually directed by David Fincher of Seven and Fight Club fame.

Then if that's not bad enough, halfway through the ad Orville starts doing his best impression of the shoulder lean to gain the trust of the office workers standing all around him, who apparently have no idea what a zombie's food of choice normally is.
Here's a hint -- it's NOT popcorn.


Satorical said...

I had a total WTH moment with this too. Is this supposed to make us want popcorn? I expected him to start cackling at any moment. I think Finch was taking his cue from the Creepy Burger King. Yikes.

The Kaiser said...

So when do we start work on our survival fortress? I have a few pieces of land scoped out, or we could maybe take a small island in the Sound by force.

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