Gamer Theory/Institute for the Future of the Book

Gamer Theory is an as-yet-unpublished work by McKenzie Wark. Wark teaches media and cultural studies at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College in New York. This guy is among those asking questions about games using critical theories typically applied to text and film, while inventing those needed specifically for games as well. As a fr'instance, Wark thinks that game code functions as narrative usually does in movies. I personally think that code remains technical and part of the process, more like choosing which lens filters to use than functioning like a script, but this still makes for a great read.

Equally interesting is the way this text works--it's unpublished, but open to comment and influence by those comments. It's a rare writer who wants to show his work before it's finished. This isn't open-source writing, and Wark is still the author, but it's not your traditional text, either. This is one text hosted/sponsored by the Institute for the Future of the Book. The Institute's site is chock full of wonderment for readers present and future.

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