Trial by Stone

Famed cartoon historian Jerry Beck will be holding a first-come first-serve trivia contest tomorrow morning to give away free two copies of the soon to be ultra-rare Tom and Jerry, and Tex Avery Too! -- a two-disc CD compiling the best scores from MGM animated shorts of the 1950's written by composer Scott Bradley.

If you're a fan of Golden Age cartoons, you already know how unique an offering this is, but for those who aren't -- imagine a collection of full-orchestra compositions that not only cross myriad musical styles and traditions, but convey character, atmosphere, humor, and action all in less than 9 minutes each.

At the same time, Cartoon Brew is one of the true daily must-read sites not only for cartoon lovers, but for animation industry professionals as well (which means that the competition for getting in first with the right answer will be pretty daunting) not to mention the fact that the person asking the question is essentially a walking encyclopedia of animation industry knowledge -- so don't expect a gimme question by any means.
Still - for a prize like this, it's definitely worth a shot.

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Hex said...

As expected, the question was impossible and two people answered it correctly before I even had a chance to think it over, open wikipedia, and cheat.

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