Jobs of the Damned

We know about the comment spam. The latest spammer trick is to actually hire humans to fill out the Captchas required to comment. I can only imagine what the workers are paid per captcha. Pennies, I would imagine.

If I had a kid and he told me he was a spammer, my only response would be "I have no son."

I saw an ad on Craigslist recently advertising for people to do this. Here. In the United States. Think for a moment about what that means about our economy: We have people so desperate for work they will sign up to be human Captcha machines, at competitive prices with Chinese workers.

So anyway, if someone smart knows how to deal with this, please let us know. Until then, spammers, please prove my point.


Hex said...

I picture jobs like these to be handled by various cartoon Pterodactyls and tiny lizards, who -- when they catch you watching them shrug their shoulders and say,

"Eh, it's a living."

Clicking Girl said...

so being unemployed, i could be paid to spam our own blog? but not to write the blogs themselves? interesting...

Satorical said...

No! What are you saying? Three million a year isn't enough for you? DON'T LEEEEEEEEAVE!

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